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Welcome to Nosy Quilter. I’m Evie, and I am a nerdy nosy quilter.  

I love quilting, experimenting, learning  and creating things.

I started this website to indulge my sewing curiosities and have an easy way of sharing that information. I enjoy a good puzzle and there are a lot of puzzling things when it comes to quilting. 

I have a different way of looking at things and I hope you’ll find it helpful.

Below is a guide to the site, or you can use the menu bar at the top. 


Check out the results of testing different quilting advice and products.


You'll find detailed reviews and side by sides of sewing products over here.


I cover some of the basics of sewing and quilting in more detail.​


Up-cycling and different things I've done to make my sewing area more enjoyable.

Latest Posts

Earache Hack

Do your kids get frequent earaches (infections)? My daughter Dominique does, and we’ve picked up a few tricks to help ease the pain before the antibiotic have a chance to kick in. This is a quick little hack to help ease the ear pain.  Hand Warmers I discovered hand warmers are incredible for helping to […]

Custom Scissors

DIY Custom Scissors

Who doesn’t like a little customization that just screams you? I love little details that make me smile when I see them. This is a quick little tutorial that allows you to customize your scissors into art and hopefully add a little more flair to your working process. I’ve written notes (Fabric and Paper) on […]

DIY Scissor Tag Upcyle

DIY Up-Cycled Scissor Tag

I saw an example of this fun little DIY Up-Cycled Scissor Tag on Facebook and asked if I could use the idea. It’s not my original idea but I thought it would make for a good first video for me to start learning video editing. Written instructions are below the video. This is a great […]

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A little peek into my crafty sense of humor. Picture funnies.

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