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Nosy Quilter is about a different approach to  quilting. 

Hi, my name is Evie and I am curiously Nosy.

I love discovering things. When something catches my attention, I enjoy digging in and figuring it out. Sometimes that means lots of research and other times it’s a matter of thinking outside of the box and making my own solution. I spent almost 10 years doing quality assurance for a jet engine parts repair facility. I enjoy little details. Don’t let your eyes glaze over just yet.

I also love quilting. I played around with sewing over the last decade, but a few years ago I got bitten by the quilting bug. The quilts on this page are what I’ve figured out how to do by trial & error, and without patterns or panels.

Dragon Themed baby quilt
Alaska RVing themed quilt

It’s the errors that ultimately inspired this website. When I ran into a quilting problem I either searched online or asked in a Facebook group. The sure variety of solutions offered was overwhelming because they often conflicted. Pre-wash/no wash, steam/no steam, iron open/to the side, etc. I desperately wished I could have detailed side by side comparisons that highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of different things. 

And in true Evie fashion, if I can’t find something I want, I’ll figure out how to make it. Ta-Da! The birth of NosyQuilter.com. While I want to make it a place to find in depth helpful information, I’d like this to be my own little spot online to let my ‘weirdness’ shine. Just into my 40s, I’m finally ready to let my weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find me.  

Scrappy Half Square Triangle Quilt

Join me as I experiment to discover the advantages of different quilting advice, create in depth reviews and share DIY tutorials for your quilting needs. I tend to over explain things so perfect for beginners and I promise to keep it down to earth. And for those of you who are more advanced, perhaps I can show you a different view of your favorite hobby.

And as much as I love quilting, there’s gonna be a spattering of posts about what’s going on in my life and some of my non quilting projects. 


Using a quilting ruler to cut flooringSince I created this blog in early 2018, my husband and I bought a 160 year foreclosed, condemned Victorian house. We finally got the house uncondemned and moved into the ground floor. So in addition to being a mom, wife, quilter and blogger, I’ve added home renovator to the mix. So posts will be slower than I originally planned. 

On the plus side, I’ve been experimenting with how many of my quilting tools are awesome renovation tools too. LOL, thinking outside the sewing box.

P.S. If you’d like to know more details about me, you can check out this blog post.

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