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I hadn’t planned on this page but as I started running experiments I realized I needed a better understanding of some of the basic aspects of sewing and quilting. And if I was going to take the time to research, I might as well share the information. 

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Posts about some of the Basics of Sewing and Quilting
Measuring Cutting Mats

The Hunt for a Cutting Mat

Last year, we moved our family of 5 and our rottweiler 3 times in less than 6 months. Why would any rational person do such a thing, you can check out last week’s post to get the back story. Anyhow, somewhere in the 3 moves, my Fiskars 24″ x 36″ cutting mat got lost. I […]

Different threads on a bathroom scale

What is Thread Weight

Thread Weight I swear, sewing comes with its own special language and a lot of it doesn’t even seem to be based on logic. I’m starting with some basics and decided to learn more about thread. Thread weight, to be precise. LOL, and as I am frequently discovering, not as simple a topic as I […]

Yardage to Inches Feature Picture

Yards to Inches Cheat Sheets

If you’ve had trouble converting yards to inches for your fabric you can find some helpful infographs and a little history about yards.

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