DIY Custom Scissors

Custom Scissors
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Who doesn’t like a little customization that just screams you?

DIY Custom Scissors

DIY Custom ScissorsI love little details that make me smile when I see them. This is a quick little tutorial that allows you to customize your scissors into art and hopefully add a little more flair to your working process.

I’ve written notes (Fabric and Paper) on my scissors and rotary cutters for years now but it wasn’t until I did the tutorial on making DIY Up-Cycled Scissor Tags that it occurred to me that I could decorate my cutters. Instead of just adding practical  notes on my scissors, I could make them more fun to have around.

There’s a full video at the end of this post that shows the  tutorial, how easy it is to fix boo boos, and how well the Sharpie’s ink stays put. Also, at the end of the post, you’ll find  more ideas and points to consider. This post contains affiliates links and if you buy something, I will receive money towards my crafting funds at no additional cost to you.

What you’ll need to Customize your Scissors

It’s a pretty short list: 
  • Cutters you want to customize
  • Ultra Fine Tip Sharpies. (Colors of your choice and black to outline)
Custom Scissor DIY Supplies

If you make a mistake:

  • Alcohol 
  • Q-tips
orange dotted lines with nosy quilter logo in the middle

Let's Get Started

1.  Draw your flowers (or whatever design makes you smile) in your favorite color:

I decided to play with the size of my flowers and made them smaller as they got closer to the tip of the scissors. I think it adds a little more visual interest. 

Just 5 simple petals. Don’t worry about trying to make them perfect. In each step, you can smooth in any areas you are not happy with.

Drawing simple flowers on scissors
You absolutely can start with the black sharpie to draw your flowers, let it dry and then color in with the red. It’s just harder to color over any black ink that streaks into your flowers when you are coloring in petals. 

2. Color in Your Flowers:

They say coloring is good for relaxing, so ‘relax away’ and color in your flowers in. It should be ready to color in in just a couple of minutes. Just take a couple of deep breaths and let the flower ink dry, so you don’t accidentally smear it if you touch it. 

I also used this step to even out some of my petals by rounding some outer edges or just making a few of the thin ones, a little wider. 


3. Outline Your Flowers:

Outlining your flowers in a darker color will help your design stand out. It’s not necessary, if you’re looking for a little more of a subtle design. 

You can also add little centers to your flowers. Whatever makes you happy.

  • You can draw out your idea on a piece of paper first and try out a few different details to find the one you like best.
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4. Add your name or a message:

Not only can you customize your scissors, you can also add a label. Unique and practical. Your name is an obvious choice if you sometimes quilt with others. 

I like the warnings. Kinda the first line of defense when you’re not around and your fellow house inhabitants go looking for scissors to use. Who knows, it could save their lives. LOL, You’re welcome.

Add your name or a message

No Rub off this Dub:

In case you were wondering, once the ink is dry, it’s safe to use your scissors as usual. In the video below, I do a rub test to show it doesn’t come off from normal touching. Even on polished metal.

While long lasting, these designs will eventually wear off. But it’s quick to just touch them back up, or start with a whole new design.

If you want something new, you can use the trick below to clean it off.

Ink Doesn't Rub Off
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How to Fix Mistakes

Long long ago, I was a little intimidated by Sharpies. Something about them being so permanent. While working as an jet engine parts inspector, I learned that Sharpies aren’t always as permanent as I’d thought and I’ve been a Sharpie Lady ever since. 

LOL, even after I had kids, I still love Sharpies. Now, I also consider them potential tools of mass destruction and keep them out of the reach of my kids.

How to Fix Mistakes

So if you make a mistake, don’t worry. Just wet a q-tip with alcohol and rub it across the design. It can take a few seconds for the alcohol to start dissolving the ink, but it does come off most metals easily. 

Your Scissors aren't the only things that look better cutomized

Rotary Cutter Customization Tips:

Dragonfly Rotary CuttersIf you want to share the customizing love with some of your other tools, grab your rotary cutters to find a spot your hand doesn’t touch. This will just help the design last longer. (You can decorate your scissor handles too, just check to see where your hand touches to find the right spot.) Ladybug Rotary Cutters Sharpies work even better on plastics and rubbery surfaces. But, they are harder to clean off if you change your mind. If you are working on a rubbery (soft grips) surface, it’s best to clean off the mistake with alcohol within minutes before it has a chance to really soak in. Hard plastic usually has a few days before it becomes real stubborn to get off. And if drawing on your rotary cutters makes you cringe, you could consider the blades while they are in their safety position so you lessen the chance of an accident. Just clean the area you are going to be working with, with some alcohol and a q-tip to remove the machine oil that might still be on there from the factory.  Then draw on the flat surface, away from the sharp edge. You can give yourself a fresh design every time you change your blades. Win Win.

Here's the video as promised. There's also a tip under this video if you have trouble coming up with a design. Happy Customizing!

Having Trouble Figuring out Your Design?

It can be easy to figure out what you’d like on your cutters, but how to translate that into a picture can be harder. Figure out what design you want and then look it up followed by the term ‘clip art’ or ‘simple tattoo.’ This should give you plenty of ideas.

Tip:  If you want a little help drawing your design, try a search on, “How to draw _______”. You’ll be amazed by how  many drawing tutorials are out there and lots of them are aimed at beginners. 

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  1. Grrrreat idea and instructions! Clever girl 👌 I use to just dot my special scissors, rotary cutter, plastic rulers, etc. with a favorite nail polish. I like flair much better👍

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