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DIY Up-Cycled Scissor Tag

DIY Scissor Tag Upcyle
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I saw an example of this fun little DIY Up-Cycled Scissor Tag on Facebook and asked if I could use the idea. It’s not my original idea but I thought it would make for a good first video for me to start learning video editing. Written instructions are below the video.

This is a great way to keep track of whose scissors are whose when hanging out with other quilters and sewers. My next video will be an even quicker way to label your scissors.

Art Heart Kid CollaborationI’m building up to more detailed tutorials. I tried my first quilt collage last month and created a project you can do with the youngsters in your life. I was pretty pleased with how they came out. Awesome use of scraps and I got to share my love of fabric with my kids. I’ll update a link here once the video is complete, but it will mostly likely be a couple of weeks.

There are a few extra tips in the written directions below that didn’t make it into the video. One of next weeks projects is learning how to do voice overs.

If you find this little video helpful, please let me know in the comments.

How to make your own DIY Scissor Tag from Cards


  • Hole Punch
  • Non-Fabric Scissors
  • Rubber Band
  • Expired Card* with your name on it 
  • Fabric Scissors to attach it to


* If you don’t an old expired card laying around, look for old store cards, gift cards, etc. Any thin plastic will work. You can just write your name with a fine tip Sharpie and cover with tape so it doesn’t wear off on your fabric. 

Scissor Tag Supplies List

Punch a Hole

Be careful about close to the edge of the plastic you are or you might crack the plastic. Even if you do (like I did), you will still most likely be able to use it, it just won’t last as long. (I put a little piece of clear packing tape afterwards so it was more secure.) 

My hole punch also got a little stuck, so I wiggled it loose. 

I wonder if a Dollar Tree hole punch would be sturdy enough if someone tries, please let me know. I really would have loved trying it with my 3-hole punch but that’s still in storage. 

Cut Out Your Name

Grab your non-fabric scissors! And start cutting out your name and around the hole you just punched through. I’m using an old pair of Fiskars that are about 5 years old and I use the crap out of these things. I’ve got them labeled Paper and they sit on my cutting carousel on my sewing table.

After I made the video, it occurred to me that you can make two straight cuts. One running just a little above your name and the other just a little to the right of the hole. It was much easier to cut the curve the edges after the tag was cut from the actual card. 

Loop the Rubber Band Through

Pinch the tip of the rubber band and get it through the hole you just made. It’s certainly easier than threading a needle. (Hmmm, I wonder if my accidental crack could have been used like a self threading needle, nah. Most likely would have broken)

Once you have and an inch or so of the rubber band through the hole, grab the opposite end (tail?) of your rubber band and thread that through the the loop made by your inch of rubber band sticking through the card. Keep threading (pulling) the end(tail) until you have a nice snug fit.

Loop the rubber band through the scissor handles

Loop it Through your Scissors

Time to attach it to your scissors. Think of the tag as the end (tail) of your rubber band. And then it’s the same steps as above. 

Loop about an inch and a half through the large handle on your scissors. I picked the big handle because it has  more room andthe rubber band is less likely to get in your way when you’re using them. 

Feed about an inch and a half of the rubber band through the handle. Grab the tag at the end of the rubber band and feed it through the loop you just created in the handle. Pull until you  have a nice snug fit.

DIY Scissor Tag Upcycle

All Done

And there we go. Your completed DIY up-cycled Scissor Tag.
Again, this wasn’t my original idea but I went through the steps and made a quick little video (quick to watch at least, big learning curve for my video editing skills).

I love that it’s easy enough to put on and take off. And small enough to slip into your sewing machine hidey hole so you don’t have to remember just where you put it. Just pull it out, attach it and you won’t have to figure out which scissors are yours in a group setting.

Ways to personalize your scissor tags
This weekend I had a chance to play around with this DIY. I came up with a few ways to easily personalize your scissor tags. And you don’t have to limit it to scissor. Rotary Cutters could use some Love too! A little bling for your sewing machine. LOL. Okay, below are just a few tips if you’d like to personalize you tag a bit more.
  • Sharpies:  Just write what you want with a Sharpie. (I love Sharpies)
  • Nail Polish: Gives you lots of color possibilities. And once it’s dried, no worries about it rubbing off on fabric. Perk, you don’t have to re-punch the hole.
    •  Pick a blank area of the card to cut the tag out. Lighter colors I tried often showed some of the card writing underneath.
    • I’d test other other paints to make sure they didn’t rub off on hands or fabrics after they were dried.
  • Decorative Paper:  The possibilities are endless here. Double sided tape does a great job holding the paper in place and then, just cut the paper flush.
    • You could also keep the card corners sharp and fold the paper all the way around.
    • If you really like it, just cover the paper with clear tape to make it more durable.
    • You can either use a craft blade to re-cut the hole or your hole punch again.
  • Tape: Is a really easy way to customize the tags. I just grabbed some painters tape cause that’s what I had around.
    • Washi tape comes in so many gorgeous patterns but the tape can be a little transparent.  So if you go this route, be careful about cutting out a solid area from the plastic card.
    • Duct tape could also work. Just position the card on and cut around it with scissors or a crafting blade.
    • When you write on the tape with a Sharpie, leave it alone for a few minutes to give the ink a chance to dry. I can’t tell you how often I have Sharpie ink on my  hands because I’m in a hurry.
      • You  might have a few problems if you try using the hole punch to re-punch the hole through the paper and tape. Try punching a hold first on a test piece of paper and tape to make sure it will work.

orange dotted lines with nosy quilter logo in the middle

What are other ways these little tags could come in handy? Tag your rotary cutter, rulers or anything else with a little hole when you’re working in group.

 The funniest thing that occurred to me, is they can be a line of defense to project your Precious fabric scissors from the rest of your house hold. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful. 

Evie the Nosy Quilter

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