Earache Hack

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Do your kids get frequent earaches (infections)? My daughter Dominique does, and we’ve picked up a few tricks to help ease the pain before the antibiotic have a chance to kick in. This is a quick little hack to help ease the ear pain. 

Hand Warmers

I discovered hand warmers are incredible for helping to ease those earaches. Hot water bottles are just so bulky and my daughter complains about her whole face getting hot. Warming packs you toss in the microwave just don’t last that long and we don’t have a microwave. 

Hand warmers have been a win for us. They are nice and small and the heat can last most of the night. Often in the initial stages of Dominique’s ear infections, pain meds don’t fully relieve the pain. (Head’s up, the picture is an affiliate link. You can find them just a little cheaper at Wal-Mart in season.)

We’ve been doing the hand warmers for pain relief for awhile now. But this morning my daughter asked me if I could make something to hold it for her. Dominique loves to color and was getting tired of holding it up. She brought me an old headband and asked if I could do something. I found some cute thin scrap fabric and headed off to my sewing machine.  

 This got created during morning chaos with kids. So just a few pics as I went. I was still trying to get two other kids ready and get a hold of Dominique’s doctor. Tadah! We created a Earache Headband today.

How I made the Earache Head Band:

  1. Square up the scrap fabric.
  2. Fold the sides to match the width of the head band. 
  3. Sew the fabric onto the headband with a zigzag stitch.
  4. As for the top opening, I made it a diagonal so we can get the hand warmers in and out more easily.
  5. I also reinforced the top edges to prevent ripping.

Basically, it’s a little pocket sewn onto a headband that fits snuggly. 

LOL, and after I was done, I remembered my overflowing bag of lonely socks (seriously, how do so many get lost?).

If you were in a serious hurry and didn’t care about how it looked, you could sew a kid’s sock onto the headband. You’d just have to run a little line of stitches along the bottom and then just a line at the top where the opening is. The hand warmers are light enough that they don’t weigh anything down. 


Dominique was pretty happy with our creation this morning. She thought it was cute enough to wear to school. Bold child of mine.

If I’d known she was willing to wear it to school, I’d have chosen a color closer to the head band so it could blend in more easily.

She loves it. Gets her warm pain relief and doesn’t have to hold anything against her head. It’s so light, she barely notices she’s wearing it and depending on what amount of heat she wanted, she’d flip the band to have the pocket against her ear, or the band.

Heads Up. I wouldn’t let her wear this to bed. We nestle a hand warmer in a sock and put it on her pillow to lay on.

I wouldn’t leave a small child unsupervised with this on. They might get the headband off and nibble on the hand-warmer pack.

I hope this can help a few people out there. And hopefully life slows down so I can work on my actual planned projects. 

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