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Open seams vs. side seams

I enjoy the challenging of figuring things out on the go. I learn a lot this way and sometimes, it’s what not to do next time LOL. When I have more time, I enjoy understanding the pros and cons of things so I can pick the best method for my needs. I love to experiment and it’s one of the main reasons I created this blog.

I’ve just started this blog and can’t wait to fill this page up with different experiments. Just keep in mind, experiments can take awhile. I’m also including blog posts that cover some of the basics of sewing as the experiments build off of those. 

Note: I started to test the differences in thickness between seams ironed open or to the side, but I got some odd results. So I’ve backtracked and am starting with threads to try and understand what happened with the ironing experiment. That’s why there’s a picture up above but no matching experiment post, yet. 

Below will be all my experiment posts. Don’t forget to check out the Reviews page to get a closer look at different things we use for sewing. The Tutorials Page has tutorials, tips and tricks. And the Basics Page covers some of the basics of sewing and quilting. 

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Experiments Posts
Different thread thickness cheat sheets

Thread Thickness Cheat Sheet

Did you ever wish there were an easier way to figure out how thick your thread is? Here’s a helpful sheet that compares 26 different spools by thickness.

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