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Fairy House 3.0

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Life Happens

What started off as a creative use for an old stump in my front yard, turned into an interactive game with my neighborhood. You can read about how it came about in this link for Fairy House Planter. You can also see what it looked liked before the accident.

Today I went out to find Fairy House 2.0  was destroyed early this morning. A truck came to remove a dumpster we ordered and ran it over. I was very upset and started automatically running through the, ‘What IFs’ in my head

Broken Fairy House

I noticed my regular pattern of lamenting over the ‘What IFs’ and thought about what purpose it was serving. It was just leading to more frustration and anger. I’ve spent years looking back on different ‘What IFs’ and it’s rarely made things better.

I decided to say, “Yes, if someone had been outside when the truck driver was here, it would have been different. But that is not what happened.” We were all in bed, didn’t know it was going to be that early and there is no changing past event.  I can’t do anything to change what happened. 


Fairy House Maple
Fairy House 3.0

So I made a conscious decision to honor my sadness but to look for a way to grow through this. There were two choices. Just clean up the mess, or rebuild the Fairy House. I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment watching people discover the house and discovering what others have left at the house.  

Fairy House 3.0

I chose to rebuild. The enjoyment I get from the Fairy House was worth the effort of rebuilding it. 

I used some clay my boys dug up to help create platforms with the old stones from the Fairy House. I even used some of the broken trunk to create the main part of the flower planter. 

And, there was even a better spot to set up her new fire pit. 



Fairy House Close Up

I usually dislike all the moss that grows around my house, but it came in handy. It filled in a lot of spots and made the new house look like it’s been there awhile. 


Since I was being so incredibly mature this morning, I decided to balance things out by adding in a little humor. The rock sits on what’s left of the stump and it says, “You should have seen the size of that Spider! I MOVED!”

Not happy that the fairy house got destroyed this morning. But I have found my peace with what happened.  

And while it still really sucks that it happened, the Fairy House has gifted me another lesson. I really can change my attitude.

Fairy House Move Humor
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