Magic Fairy House

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The Start of Something Special

We live in a neighborhood of old houses and most have tiny front yards. Not ours. We have a little cove, shaded by 4 large trees and the stump of a 5th that’s long gone. That little stump has character on its own, but I decided to turn it into a little planter. Then I get an even better idea.  A little Fairy House planter. 

I love looking around and noticing the little details most people miss. It occurred to me that I could add a little extra fun to my Fairy House. I could make it ‘magic’ and leave little toys for curious observant kids who walked by on their way to the park down the street. Something about that just seemed perfect to me.

Meet the Stump

Some might consider this just an eye sore, but I loved the weather worn groves in the grain of the wood. As you can see, there was already a couple of plants taking advantage of the built up dirt and rotting wood in the middle. 

I found some flowers on the clearance rack at Lowes and knew just what to do with this old stump.

Old Tree Stump

Fairy House Planter 1.0

I searched around the outside of my house and found an old broken cement paver and a couple of pieces of brick. I used the cement to create two planting level and added in my Lowes flowers.

The brick pieces turned into the fairy house door and front steps. I even found an old stick of charcoal that I used to draw in the details for the door, a welcome sign and a clue for observant people. 

I watched from my temporary sewing room (my foyer) as people walked by. A few kids noticed and lit up, but none of the little trinkets I’d left out got taken. I decided I need to make it a little more obvious for those polite parents who wouldn’t let their kids take someone else’s property .

Fairy Stone

How is a fairy suppose to communicate with people? She’s got to leave a note. And this big white stone, was just right. It reads:

“Take a Toy, Leave a Stone, Please be Kind to my Home.”

You can see the first couple of stones that got left behind. 

Unexpected Discovery

It’s been over a year since we bought Vicky (our old Victorian) and we’re still just living downstairs. I’ve taken over the foyer as my sewing room. And as you can see in the picture, I have a great view of when the fairy house gets visitors. 

My last sewing spot was in a basement. I’ve been delighted by how much fun it is to sew next to a busy window. Another perk, I can  open up my front door to let in extra light in or watch my kids play in the front yard

Fairy House Visitors
Fairy House Door

Fairy House 2.0

I waited a few months and even with kids trading gifts with the fairy, no one damaged her house. So I decided to give her door an upgrade. 

I found a broken piece of wood left over from a contractor’s job at our house. I used pliers to break off extra wood. I rounded up the rest of the elements in my front yard. A little hot glue and her new door was done. It has held up surprisingly well to the rain. I also glued shish-kabob skewers to the back of the door to help hold it in place.


Magic Mystery

One morning I came out to check on the fairy house and found real toys there. That is one crafty fairy. It took a few weeks to discover where the toys had come from. 

Bluprint Premium Quilters

A neighbor, one house over had discovered the fairy house on her walks and loved the idea so much, she wanted to help out. She’s been adding her own toys. LOL, I might sneak a fairy house door into her garden next spring. 

Wholesome Fun

I think of my little fairy house planter as an on-going artistic project with my neighborhood. I try to change things around periodically, so people know the fairy is in residence. 

She’s even put out some little acorn pumpkins to help celebrate fall. Cause that’s what Maine fairies do, dontcha know.  I watch a lot of people, noses buried in their phones pass by unaware. But the looks of delight and grins of those who are looking . . .that is food for the soul. 

Fairy House Door Upgrade
Pumpkin for your Sewing Machine

Acorn Pumpkins

The fairy house Acorn Pumpkins were so cute, I decided to put one where I could enjoy it all the time. And now my machine is decorated for the season. If you’d like to create your own Acorn Pumpkins, click on the link to take you to the tutorial. 


Fairy House Project

I love my little fairy house. It’s given me lots of pleasure when I see someone slow down and crouch down to get a closer look. I can see little faces light up as parents read the rock and then a mad dash as the kids look for a rock to leave. I’ve even had a young couple leave a stone.

Today I found little mums on clearance at Wal-Mart for $3. She’s ready for fall. 


Fairy House Mums


I  share ideas in hopes of inspiring others, getting them thinking or just making them smile. If you like the fairy house idea and decide to try it, please let me know. I’d love to see a picture or hear about your experience with it. 

(If you’re not that crafty, I don’t think kids will mind, if the door is store bought. You’ll be happily surprised by the variety of fairy house doors on Etsy. )

If you want to follow my fairy house’s journey. I post updates on my Instagram account and I’ll be sharing pictures on my Facebook account

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