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Foundation Issues in the ‘new’ house.

House Foundation Issues
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Front of yellow VictorianAnd not the quilting kind. We won’t be closing on our ‘new’ home. With the beauty of a 138 year old home, comes additional challenges. We knew the bank had remedied a few foundation problems, but when exterior stairs were removed from the back of the house, some siding came off and we could see where one side of the house had been jacked up but it looked odd.

I’m a worrier. I think that’s one of the reasons I like investigating things so much, to remove as much doubt as I can. We got a foundation specialist out there who took a good look around, inside, outside and under the house. He thinks it would be under 5k to remedy the foundation problems and that her bones looked great otherwise.

I’m glad we found this out before we took ownership and started remodeling. Jacking the house up properly is going to crack horsehair plaster walls and knocks windows and doors out of alignment. But once the house is jacked up properly, she should be good for the rest of our lifetime.

Just the idea of foundation problems makes the practical part of me cringe but the nurturing artist in me wants to fix her. It reminds me of a little of people asking how to restore tattered but treasured family quilts. 

kittens under quiltQuilting is the incredible art of combing aesthetics, emotions and practicality. There is something about a quilt crafted by a person. It goes beyond their skill. Whatever that ‘something’ is, I think it exists because of the time and thought that goes into creating a quilt. 

It’s that ‘something’ that calls out to quilters when they see a lost or neglected quilt at the thrift store or an estate sale. Why they save it and bring it home. 

painted roof decorationsIn my case, I’ve found a neglected beauty who has gotten lost and instead of bringing her home to fix her, I want to fix her and make her my home. 

I can’t imagine the extra time and effort it took to paint the red and green along the top of the roof line. More work for the sake of aesthetics, much like our quilts. 

There’s still a number of issues to work through with the bank who owns her so we can get her uncondemned by the city. Once the foundation work is done and we can take ownership, we will get to work fixing her popped seams. It’s just gonna take a little more than needle and thread. 


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