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Perfectly Sized Pegboard

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Pegboards are Awesome!

What’s even nicer? Being able to get a Perfectly Sized Pegboard for your needs. With a little measuring and planning, you can get the most out of your creative space. Even better, you won’t need special tools to pull this off. If you’d like to see how I’m using the pegboards in my Sewing Foyer, click the link for a tour. 

Adjust, then Measure

Before you Measure

Much like with fabric, double check before you involve cutting. 

I took my measurements, did a chore and then I tried putting my plastic drawers in to see where the shelves needed to go . . . The bottom shelf had to be dropped a little to get everything to work. I broke up a squabble between my kids and forgot about needing to adjust my measurements. 

Whoops. Don’t do this! LOL


Measuring for Pegboards

Measuring Height

I decided to measure from the top of my wire shelving down to the bottom. An unsupported overhang could get hit and broken by someone walking by. Or it could in the way when trying to get things off the top of the shelf.  

A handyman measuring tape makes this easier, but I decided to use something most sewers have around. I grabbed my sewing tape and took it right to the top of the wire shelf. 

You can use a baggie clip to hold the end of the measuring tape. You could also use some tape to temporarily hold it.

Measuring Width

Shorter measurement, so I was able to use my yard stick to take this one. I measured from the outside edges of the poles. 

If I had used the outer edges of the shelf pieces to take the measurements, the pegboard might have stuck out beyond the shelving unit. Which would make it harder to grab the poles to move your shelving unit around. 


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Measuring for Wall Space

This is pretty simple, so I won’t get into too much detail. Just remember that trying to run it all the way down to the floor, means you’ll have to bend or crouch over to get to the items down there. And if you have pets or kids, they are more likely to mess with stuff on their level. I have a technique that allows me to mount a pegboard right above my table without putting any holes in the wall. But it uses the table for a little of the support. So you could consider measuring from your table to a height that you can comfortably reach, leaning over your table.

Doing Some ‘Quilty’ Math

So you’ve got your measurements, now what? Using your biggest measurement, figure out what size pegboard you need to start off with.  4’x 8′ (48″ x 96″) is the common large size peg board and a 4 foot square seems to be common too. Do a little quilty math and figure out the best use of the pegboard you’re gonna buy.

Pegboard Math


Let’s say I took my measurements and my two end pieces needed to be 74″ tall and 12″ wide. There’s only one way that’s gonna fit on the pegboard. I wrote in the order of cuts to make the left over pieces as large as possible. Much like fabric, there’s more uses for a larger piece. Had I cut along the 2nd and 3rd cut line first, I’d have wound up with 3 bonus pieces (Two little ones and a huge bulkier one)

In real life, I used the Bonus 1 section on my table and I have plans for Bonus 2 when I move into my permanent sewing room. For now, it’s thin enough to store along the wall behind my table.

Lowes Pegboard

Getting Your Pegboard

I originally set out on my perfectly sized pegboard quest because I wanted to add some extra storage to the ends of my wonderful Craft Room Maximizer. That meant I needed two pieces that were 70″ tall and 16″ wide. 

A 4’x8′ (47.75″x 95.75″) board would certainly would do the trick. My $20 purchase (price as of Oct ’19) would give me 2 perfectly sized pegboards for the end of my Craft Room Maximizer and leave me with two bonus boards.

Lowe's Peg Board


They had different sizes of Pegboard in different isles. You might be best off asking an employee in the lumber department to help you find it. Added perk, they’ll be right there to help you get it cut too. 


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Be sure to look the board over. Sometimes there are cracks as you can see in the picture. (You can always try asking for a discount, Lowe’s sometimes does that. )

Home Depot

I couldn’t find the right size of pegboard on the Home Depot website, but I did find it in the store. I found it under a large hanging sign that says, “Pre-Cut Panels,” in the lumber department.

Use Their Cutters

I have spent a lot more time in the construction side of Home Depot and Lowe’s since I bought Vicky (my old house). Let me let you in on something. They cut lumber for free. This includes Peg Board. 

They will even help you load it into your vehicle. But you’re on your own when you get home (Another reason to try and avoid super bulky pieces.)

Home Depot offers free cutting too, but I couldn’t find it mentioned on their actual site. They do at my local Home Depot and most of what I could find online says they do.

If you feel a little intimidated, find an employee and ask for help. Most are happy to help you find what you need and get the right person to run the lumber saw that I’m going to talk about next. You can also go to the front desk to find help. 

The Cutting Station

This is the cutting station they have at my local Lowe’s. It’s a big massive thing in the back of the store. 

I had a sketch of how I wanted the piece cut and the written dimensions. Don’t worry, they’re not going to judge your drawing ability. 

Now you let them do the hard work of cutting and you get your perfectly sized peg boards.

Cut Peg Board

Ready to Go!

Keep in mind, you will need to get your perfectly sized pegboards home. So remember to take into consideration the size of your vehicle. And if you’ll need to move car seats to make space. It’s easier to just leave the car seats at home.

If you’ll need to have it sticking out of the trunk a little, don’t forget a red something to tie on the end sticking out. It makes it easier for other motorists to see and not run into it.


orange dotted lines with nosy quilter logo in the middle

I love figuring out how to use what I already have, frugal hearted creature that I am. And it makes the organized structured part of my mind rejoice, when I can figure out how to make things perfectly fit. So I I hope you found this tutorial helpful.

Now that I’ve covered how to get perfectly sized pegboards for your needs, I’ll be working on  a post covering  a wall friendly way to mount pegboards on tables and desks. And then a post on how to add it to the end of wire shelves. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or on Facebook. 

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