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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. In today’s post I’m going to share a little more of the chaos that started my summer off and do a review on Quilters HQ in Overland Park, KS. They were the highlight of my trip.

Lots to do? Then go on vacation

What vacation? Well, my husband grew up in Kansas city and we visit every summer. We’d already purchased the airplane tickets to Kansas to visit my wonderful in-laws before we found Vicky (our Victorian house. If you want to know about the drama of buying Vicky, check out my last post here.). So, our house of 10 years was only half packed and there were still lots of little repairs to be done before our renter could move in. Yeah, 5 days between the time I flew back and when we handed the keys over, why would anyone stress out.

The dutiful part of me screamed that I needed to stay behind and get everything wrapped up for a smooth transition, but the practical part of me knew I’d drive myself batty with all the emotions that come with packing up lots of memories and worrying about my family so far away from me. So I went with my family. 

We were able to purchase Vicky before we left and we had a trusted contractor doing some demolition work for us so we were still making progress on Vicky. 


Kids and adults playing with water ballonsEven after we got to Kansas, I was still pretty stressed out (I really am a worrier) but it helped a lot seeing my kids getting doted on by their extended family. The picture is of my middle child, Xander, pulling back a water balloon sling shot. It was a fun hot afternoon of firing those things down the street while others tried to catch them. 

My mother in-law, Linda, mentioned a quilt shop that was close to her house and suggested I go check it out. 

I was actually a little anxious borrowing her car and going to Quilters HQ by myself. I felt so shy and awkward walking in, but I left feeling very comfortable. 

Quilters HQ

Front of Quilters HQThank goodness Quilters HQ is not a ‘hoity toity’ shop. I often feel a little intimidated going into quilt shops because of a self taught background. Well, they made me feel so welcome. 

I would say the 2 qualities that made the biggest impression on me were how friendly they are and how their shop invites you to try things out. It’s almost like a kid’s discovery museum with hands on exhibits, but for quilters. 

I was very quickly greeted by Robert, one of the owners. Just a little bit later, Joan, the other owner, check in on me to make sure I didn’t need anything. I let them know I was just looking around and wandered to the back of their store. 

Janome Long Arm set upThat’s where I found this beauty. I’ve actually never seen a long arm set up in real life before. I was a little mesmerized by it and Robert noticed. He invited me to try it out. I was terrified. I grew up being told to leave things alone at stores and I haven’t quite broken that habit. So I was almost afraid to touch it. He gently encouraged me to give it a try. 

I see what all the fuss over long arms is about. So much easier to move that bad girl around than squishing a queen size quilt through the throat of my Brother Machine. Robert was great at giving instructions and it was a lot of fun playing around on the long arm. Alas, a long arm isn’t quite in the budget with Vicky as a new ‘dependent,’ but maybe a few years down the road. 

I didn’t know they came that big!

Well, I made a joke about how massive the long arm was and that I wouldn’t have room for one unless I made my attic my sewing studio. Robert laughed and invited me to come peak in the back of the store. Industrial quilting machine

Good Gravy is this thing huge! (My ‘go to’ exclamation phrase since having kids). Basically, it’s a computerized industrial long arm. And it even has a web cam. Seriously, people can request to be notified when their quilt goes on so they can watch some of the action. It’s one of the options on their form for long arm services. You let them know if you want your quilt live streamed while it’s being quilted. If you’re curious, you can check out the link for their web cam feed here

Give it a try

sewing machine displayQuilters HQ seems to be set up to encourage shoppers to try things out. You can see their display machines are set up almost as if they’re ready for a class. If you look under the tables, you can see the foot pedals. It’s not just a fancy display.
Joan was working on a quilt and I started asking questions. She happily answered and I never felt like I was imposing on her time. And wouldn’t you know it, I got to sew on the machine she was using. 
Accuquilt Go display
It’s probably a good thing I didn’t realize that the fabric next to display was to test out the AccuQuilt Go. I’d have been there another hour. I really love the balance Quilters HQ has between a clean store and displays that can be touched and explored. 

Quilters HQ is spacious and Joan knows where her stuff is. A customer came in describing some fabric she needed and Joan knew right where it was, just from the description. There was a little of everything fabric wise and even a few local fabrics. 

I’ve included my favorite section of fabrics in the picture below. I love a good ombre and I couldn’t resist adding a yard of the Gelato to my stash. I liked the little touches around the shop such as the adorable fat quarter star bundle.Quilters HQ Store overview

Customer Service

Quilters certainly know that no one is perfect. While I was there, a customer came in with some fabric she’d previously purchased and had a complaint. I was impressed as Joan listened, didn’t assign blame and quickly resolved the issue. No excuses, she just fixed the problem without an attitude. And shocking, but that happy customer left with another fabric purchase.

Part of their customer service is how willing they are to share their knowledge. Both Robert and Joan know their products and are more than happy to talk about them. It always felt like a friendly conversation and never a sales pitch. 


Quilters HQ Waiting AreaI really enjoyed my visit to Quilters HQ and recommend it for Quilters looking for a friendly helpful shop. If you’re local to the Kansas City area or passing through (They’re just a few minutes off of Interstate 435 and very easy to find) they’re worth checking out. And look, they even have a nice little spot for the not so enthusiastic companion you might be dragging along. 



Quilters HQ at 11116 Antioch Rd in Overland Park. Just click the address to visit their website.

Thank you for reading. It was nice getting to do a real quilting related post again. But back to the fun of rehabbing Vicky. I’ve got many many walls to repair and trim to paint. 

orange dotted lines with nosy quilter logo in the middle

Disclaimer: I received no money or compensation for this review. I have no affiliation with Quilters HQ. This review post was just my experience and observations from my first visit there. 

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