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Variety of sewing threads next to dial calipers

I am working on my first review which will be on different threads. You can see some of the variety I’ve picked up to compare. I’ve already taken 50 measurement points on a variety of threads, but frankly, it can be boring just looking at charts. Please be patient while I figure out a fun way of sharing some of the information. 

You can check out the Experiments page for some great information. The Tutorials Page has tutorials, tips and tricks. And the Basics Page covers some of the basics of sewing and quilting. 

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Measuring Cutting Mats

The Hunt for a Cutting Mat

Last year, we moved our family of 5 and our rottweiler 3 times in less than 6 months. Why would any rational person do such a thing, you can check out last week’s post to get the back story. Anyhow, somewhere in the 3 moves, my Fiskars 24″ x 36″ cutting mat got lost. I […]

Quilt Shop Reviews Header

Quilters HQ Review

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great weekend. In today’s post I’m going to share a little more of the chaos that started my summer off and do a review on Quilters HQ in Overland Park, KS. They were the highlight of my trip. Lots to do? Then go on vacation What vacation? Well, […]

Different thread thickness cheat sheets

Thread Thickness Cheat Sheet

Did you ever wish there were an easier way to figure out how thick your thread is? Here’s a helpful sheet that compares 26 different spools by thickness.

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