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I hope you’re enjoying the Nosy Quilter.

If you find the information in this blog helpful, please support it. You can do that in a variety of ways. Maintaining a blog is a lot like making a quilt. Many people enjoy quilts but not as many realize the time, effort or costs it takes to make and maintain them. 

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When you find something helpful (or just fun to look at) chances are your friends will too. One of the primary goals of this blog is to help others. 

You can support my work by shopping through the affiliate links and ads on my website.

You will pay the same price on your items, but I get a small commission to help fund this site. I do my best to experiment with a wide variety of things that fall within all price ranges. That adds up pretty quick. 

While I provide affiliate links through out my posts, I also share regular links just so you can quickly find an item I’m writing about. My main goal is sharing information. 

Earning compensation is always nice, but I love quilting and want to make it more accessible for everyone. I’m a frgual woman at heart, so I will always mention other alternatives that are easier on a budget. One of the reasons I do reviews is to help sewers figure out what fits best with their budget. And what might be worth splurging on. 

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Thank you for reading. I look forward to growing as a blog and helping others grow in their quilting.

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