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Cut Threads for Binding

Save Cut Thread for Binding
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I am terrible at throwing things away if I think they can still be useful. (I limit my storage space to prevent becoming a hoarder) One of my tricks is saving my cut threads to use Binding Threads.

What Cut Threads?

The cut threads for Binding Threads I’m referring to are when you change threads in your machine. I’ve read that you are suppose to cut the thread at the spool and pull the loose thread all the way through your machine. The idea is that it helps keep the tension from slowly being bent out of alignment from the tension mechanisms being pulled the wrong direction. And some websites mention not wedging thread lint into tension areas by forcing the thread backwards in a direction the machine wasn’t designed for.

Light Bulb Moment

Thread Bulb on thread backgroundIt has always bugged me to throw away thread when I changed thread on my sewing machine. It’s annoyed me even more as I’ve slowly started changing my threads over to more expensive brands. The last time I was finishing up my binding by hand, I noticed the length of thread I was using to sew was about the same length as what I tossed after changing threads in my machine.

Light Bulb Moment . . . it occurred to me that my binding threads were hidden under the binding and that it was on the back of my quilt. I could just use those cut threads for my binding.

How to Save Cut Threads for Binding

So I put an old glass jar near my sewing machine and started tossing the cut threads in when I changed threads. It was pretty seeing all the different thread colors building up in the jar. And because the threads were just laid on top of one another, it was surprisingly easy to pull from the top and not have a huge tangled mess when I started to use them.

Binding Thread HolderI sew in my basement and have concrete floors so I decided to switch to something a little safer. I found this adorable miniature recycling bin last year. I see them pop up all over retail stores around the beginning of the school year for just a buck or two. If you can’t find them locally, they do have them on Amazon all the time. {If you buy something through this link, you will not pay more and the compensation I receive will promptly disappear into my quilting life, be it supplies for experiments, reviews or my stash}

The threads in the picture are a little tangled because they were used in a photo shoot for this meme. LOL, I’ll try to plan a little better next time.

 What I really like about these little mini bins is that they take up less space then my old glass jar. I can just flip the lip up to drop some thread in and with the lid down, it keeps random dust from getting all over the threads.

I also use an old empty spool of thread to wrap the last bit of annoying bobbin thread that I don’t want to sew with. I rarely have luck trying to start sewing with an almost empty bobbin of thread. It just unravels on itself. And of course, you  have to stop and change your bobbin pretty quickly after you start sewing.

Hidden Rainbow in my Binding

I really do like finding practical uses for things that usually would get thrown away. Between changing threads on my machine and the ends of bobbin threads, I usually have plenty of thread to finish my binding. (I also use these threads for the occasional bit of hand sewing I do).

My favorite thing about this little trick is knowing I have a hidden rainbow in my binding.

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Do you have tricks for using cut threads?


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