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Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

I’m an improviser and this is where you can find tutorials for some of the things I’ve made for my sewing area. I’m also including posts with tips and tricks that I use. While tips and tricks are simple and shorter than tutorials, I do my best to still give additional ideas so you can use it as a starting point.

Below blog posts that cover Tutorials, Tips and Tricks. You can also check out the Experiments Page to gain insight into some quilting questions. The Reviews page gives a closer look at different things we use for sewing. And the Basics Page covers some of the basics of sewing and quilting.

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Perfectly Sized Pegboard

Pegboards are Awesome! What’s even nicer? Being able to get a Perfectly Sized Pegboard for your needs. With a little measuring and planning, you can get the most out of your creative space. Even better, you won’t need special tools to pull this off. If you’d like to see how I’m using the pegboards in […]

Acorn Pumpkins

Simple little acorn pumpkins to decorate our favorite spaces.

Custom Scissors

DIY Custom Scissors

Who doesn’t like a little customization that just screams you? I love little details that make me smile when I see them. This is a quick little tutorial that allows you to customize your scissors into art and hopefully add a little more flair to your working process. I’ve written notes (Fabric and Paper) on […]

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