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Up-cycled Jewelry Display to Sewing Tool Holder

Jewelry Holder Up-cycled into a Sewing Tool Holder
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Spinning Jewelry display into a Sewing Tool Holder

I love finding new uses for things. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I love quilting so much. Its foundation is one of the most beautiful forms of upcycling. I really enjoy my little spinning Sewing Tool Holder. Its so handy to have everything right there and it’s cute enough that I like having it out.

Where to look

I found this one at the Salvation Army for $2. Jewelry displays seem to pop up every now and then at my favorite thrift store. I like retail store displays because they tend to have a heavier base to handle being spun around by customers all the time.

You can also search for used ones by typing in Jewelry Spinner in your local Facebook sales pages or on Craigslist. You also tend to get prettier options than if you just look for a simple craft organizer. If you don’t want to hunt around for one, these are easy to find on Amazon and there are many to choose from around the $20 range. Just remember to measure the longest tool you want to hang, to make sure it will fit. {If you buy something through these links, you will not pay more and the compensation I receive will promptly disappear into my quilting life, be it supplies for experiments, reviews or my stash}

If you think outside the box, many spinning displays and organizers can easily be used for a sewing tool holder. Kitchen utensil holders, mug spinners, make up organizers, office supply organizers, etc . . . If  you prefer finding your things second hand like me, you can trace the largest tool that you want to hang on a sheet of paper (maybe cut it out) and keep it in your wallet to test the fit where ever you stumble across a possibility.

Use as is or customize

Duct tape on a jewelry spinnerYou can just use it as it is, or you can make it fit your personal style. Because mine was an old display, it had the brand name at the bottom. I thought about spray painting the whole thing, but it was still cold in Maine and I don’t like spraying indoors. So I decided to go with duct tape. It’s faster, comes in such a variety of colors and patterns. I picked up this roll at Dollar Tree, so I’m looking at a grand total of under $3 for this little project. I still have plenty of tape to customize something else if I really want to be matchy matchy.

Putting the duct tape around the jewelry spinnerTape

I found it easier to line the edge of the tape with the top of the base I was covering. This way I only had to trim the bottom portion of the tape and if I made a mistake, it would be less noticeable. I just went slowly and watched for air bubbles. You can try and get a perfect match at the tape ends, but I just overlapped and put that little seam away from me.

I also thought about using contact paper but figured that would be much bulkier to work with and it doesn’t have same grip that duct tape does.


Trimming the duct tape from the jewelry displayI am pretty comfortable using a utility/box cutter blade by itself. I used them a lot for repair prep when I worked with jet engine parts. I like that I can lay half of the blade flat on the top of the spinner and use it as a guide to cut around. They sell these blades in hardware departments for box cutters.

If you’re not experience with using blades by themselves, I would recommend using a box cutter to be safer. Just make sure the blade is sharp or your edge might wind up jagged tape edges.

You could also use an Exacto knife or scissors, but they’re a little awkward getting just the right angle to get a close cut and you need to be careful you don’t cut into the base and dull your scissors.


One of my rotary cutters didn’t have a pre-made hole so I had to improvise. A key chain ring from the jewelry departent did the trick. You could also do this if the holes in your cutters were too small for your hooks. 

Other things you could try would be ribbon, bread bag ties, kitchen twine, hair bands and if you want to be creative some fabric scraps. If you want to use fabric scraps, just take a long piece and braid or twist it into twine so it will be stronger.

All done

DIY Sewing Tool CarouselThis is a pretty quick and easy project once you have all the items. I keep my little sewing tool holder on the right side of my sewing machine. It’s nice having everything right there. I love being able to quickly spin it around to get to what I need. Some of the longer scissors on the top bump against the bottom spinner, but that doesn’t stop it. 

I’m also a fan of how mobile this little set up is. I usually keep it right by my machine, but I’ll scoot it over to my cutting mat when I have lots of things to cut out. 

Other ideas

Here were a few other ideas I had that could be used to customize your sewing tool holder.

  • Spray paint or acrylic paint
  • Wrapping paper with some double sided tape to secure it
  • Stickers
  • Glue fabric scraps in a decoupage  style

A few other ways you can customize your holder

orange dotted lines with nosy quilter logo in the middle

Who else likes to use upcycled item to keep their sewing area organized?


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